Ashutosh death mystery : Doctors say ‘clinically dead’, Dera claims ‘spiritually Alive


The secrecy being maintained by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) regarding the death of dera head Ashutosh’s ‘death’ at Nurmahal has thickened the mystery around his death.
Swami Vishalanand, the official spokesperson of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, talking to your news-portal YesPunjab.com admitted that doctors from Multi-speciality Apollo Hospitals at Ludhiana have declared the dera head as ‘clinically dead’ even as he claimed that the doctors were reluctant to certify the same in writing.
In the same breath, Swami Vishalanand claimed that the dera head was ‘spiritually alive’. He said that the dera head has gone into ‘Samadhi’ and was likely to revive.
Earlier, the spokespersons Swami Vishalanand and Swami Vishwanand addressed a press conference in the dera where they made similar claims.
Swami Vishvalanand said it was wrong to say that the ‘godman’ has died.
Asked whether the dera head was ‘clinically dead’, he said “Yes, exactly” adding again that the dera head has gone into a ‘Samadhi’.  He also gave his own ‘scientific’ reasons to stress upon his claim.
He said that ‘it was no big surprise’ and the dera head would revive and come to life again in a few days. “It had happened earlier too and he will be back”, he told media persons at the dera.
The media persons were also told that an attendant attending on Ashutosh had found the ‘godman’ unresponsive at about 12.15 in the night. “He found Ashutosh in a state of Samadhi”, he claimed.
Deepening the mystery and sticking to their peculiar claim of ‘godman’ being ‘spiritually alive’ the dera has as such not announced any programme whatsoever regarding the cremation.
In the press release issued by the dera in Hindi, the Dera has condemned the reports regarding the death of the dera head and termed them as rumours.
The dera however says in the press-release that often people and the medical science considers ‘Clinical Death Symptoms’ as death of someone but this is not the case with Ashutosh. The symptoms of ‘Samadhi’ are almost parallel to those of ‘Clinical Death’.
Explaining in detail the reasons behind their logic and quoting instance about Shri RamaKrishna Parmhans the dera has rejected the reports regarding Ashutosh’s death.
The dera has also requested the people to show restraint and asked the media not to go ahead with the news of death of Ashutosh.


However, the most intriguing thing is that none of the media-persons and even Ashutosh’s staunch devotees are being allowed to have his ‘darshan’ of the ‘godman’ in ‘Samadhi’.


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